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Our Work
Claims Crusaders pride themselves on being informed and well-versed in all aspects of our industry.  We provide services for residential and commercial contractors alike, as well as reliable independent third-party estimates for homeowners and insurance adjusters.  Whether your project is small or large, our armies stand at ready to provide the premier service in the nation.
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Residential Victories

We might not be able to solve every problem, but we like to let our results speak for themselves.  Here are just a few recent examples of Claims Crusader victories that produced   great    results   for   our   contractor   clients!


Commercial Case Studies

Our most unique and often most complex estimates come from our commercial contractors, business owners, public adjusters, and attorney clients.  Here are   just   a  few  examples  of  our  favorite   projects.

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Profit Chart


Quarterly Results

Every 90 days we perform an all-encompassing Client Review, highlighting successes and potential areas of improvement.  See some of our results here!



Occasionally a building sketch or damage photograph will stand head-and-shoulders above the rest.  This space is simply to marvel at the unique challenges presented to our industry on a daily basis, all from firsthand experience of our estimators and consultants.

( 🚧 Under Construction 🚧 )

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