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Roof Shingles

The most-often damaged and most-often underpaid claim component.  The roof is your customer's front line of defense against the elements, and we make it a priority to ensure that our clients are appropriately compensated to include all relevant materials and labor in order to install a replacement roof according to Local, State, and International Building Code and Best Construction Practices.


Interior estimates can be highly time consuming and incredibly detailed.  The average sales representative has neither the time nor the inherent knowledge needed to present an acceptable, accurate, and complete scope of work to an insurance carrier.  Our team of specialists (with appropriate photographs) can compile a thoroughly documented and detailed estimate utilizing the same pricing software as more than 90% of the world's largest insurance carriers.

Row of Houses

Nearly as often overlooked and certainly as often underpaid, a properly written exterior siding estimate can often generate significant overall claim value increases, as many adjusters will write just one single line item to Remove & Replace siding.  We ensure that all exterior components from plumbing to electrical to landscaping are properly documented and accounted for.

On Fire


From kitchen grease to lightning strikes, fire can be some of the most devastating damage to manage. Our qualified estimators have the knowledge and experience to help achieve the most expedient and excellent results in the industry, by mirroring the practices and processes set in place by the insurance carriers.  We are also experienced in smoke and soot mitigation processes, and will work hand-in-hand with your vendors to ensure accurate pricing.

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