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The Claims Crusaders Story

The brainchild of Owner & CEO, Garrett Miller, Claims-Crusaders LLC is the culmination of over thirteen years of combined knowledge and industry experience.  Mr. Miller initially set out as a licensed independent insurance adjuster, writing claims for Hurricane Irene in North Carolina.  That experience has since expanded to claims, estimates, appraisals and negotiations for contractors, attorneys, and homeowners in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Virginia, Alabama, Hawaii, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, and our latest location in Colorado!     


Growing weary of the dirt and darkness discovered on both sides of the fence in our industry, Mr. Miller founded Claims-Crusaders LLC on the most basic principles of business:  Knowledge, Honesty, and Integrity.  Through a balanced, amicable but aggressive approach, our aim is to educate the industry on the actual requirements and obligations of all involved parties, and to achieve the most unbiased and profitable results possible...  and rest assured: 

we reach that at which we aim.


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Garrett Miller

Founder & CEO

Former adjuster turned Crusader, Mr. Miller founded the company with the goal of bringing a level of excellence, accuracy, and integrity to an industry otherwise lacking in all of the above.

"Honesty is as valuable as Gold,

and Victory is won through Accuracy."


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